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„Elevate Your Beauty & Transform Your Soul with Face Yogis Club“

Hi Faceyogis!

If you are re here, yo are probably ready to make a change, am I right?

In this case, I am excited to share the transformative power of a holistic approach to face yoga with
You and guiding you to look and feel fabulous through simple techniques and a comprehensive facial routine.

I am Katka Sedlak, a 38-year-old certified face yoga coach based in beautiful Vienna, Austria.

Three years ago, I embarked on my face yoga journey. After completing an intensive 6-month face
yoga certification course, I discovered the joy of helping women not only sculpt their external face
appearance but also embrace holistic wellness.


For my clients, I always take a look at their nutrition,
mental mindset, and physical exercise to raise their overall vibrance. After all, true beauty radiates
from within.

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What Face Yoga Can Do for You

If you are looking to turn back the clock and reclaim a more youthful appearance without breaking the bank or resorting to invasive procedures, then facial gymnastics combined with lymphatic flow activation is the answer.

I'll guide you through exercises that firm facial contours, plump lips and cheeks, and smooth wrinkles, all without the risks associated with surgery. An activated lymphatic system will also make your skin bright, tight, and beautiful.

What Face Yoga Can Do What Face Yoga Can Do for You You

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Face Yoga is simple and requires dedication, decision and consistency.

First, we start with affirming the DECISION: I AM GOING TO MAKE IT – I will change my face, I will
rejuvenate it, I will look good, I will feel good, I will be aware and control my facial expressions I will
be a better person in all I am and all I do. After this decision - a proper plan, time adjustment, and
consistency will just follow naturally.

I am already happy for you that you have decided to treat yourself with my face yoga and incorporate
it to your life.

Just as we exercise to strengthen our bodies, we must also target the muscles of the face. After all,
our face is our first impression, and it speaks volumes about us. By prioritizing proper nutrition,
hydration, positivity, and regular facial exercises, you can achieve remarkable results without
expensive interventions.

Face exercises the facial muscles, resulting in:

● Firmer chin contour
● Plumper lips and cheeks
● Reduction of wrinkles
● Defined neck
● Elimination of double chin and under-eye bags
● Reduction of nasolabial folds
● Increased collagen production, leading to smoother skin
● Strengthen the upper eyelids
● Strengthen facial contours
● Lift up the corner of your mouth
● Joy of having a new great routine in your life

Face yoga also enhances lymphatic flow, resulting in brighter, purified skin that's softer,
cleaner, and more flexible. By incorporating muscle tension and relaxation, these exercises stimulate
muscle regeneration, restoring elasticity and volume.

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